Stamp personalised round&angular incl stamp pad

Our stamps are made of local beech wood and have a rubber text plate. The stamps are durable and robust and easy to handle. They can be ordered in different shapes and sizes, with individual design. Together with an ink pad (110×70 mm) in various quick-drying colours, they are ideal for designing covers and labels.


You can find blank covers and labels here in our shop. Alternatively, we also offer individually printed covers.


minimum order quantity: 1


Notes on line distribution:
30×30 mm max 6 lines
50×50 mm – max 10 lines
60×90 mm max 18 lines
D20 mm max 4/1 lines/round line
D30 mm max 6/1 lines/round line
D50 mm max 10/1 lines/round line
D60 mm 12/1 lines/round line

Delivery Time: approx. 2 weeks

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