Individual cassettes and accessories

Custom tape length.


From 5 minutes up to 90 minutes – for all cassettes from our stock,

whether blank cassettes or duplicated cassettes, you can choose your custom tape length

delivered to the minute.



New range

Our favorite color is multicolor. We have expanded our range with many new colors. If your favorite color is not yet available, please write to us and we will try to consider your request at the next...

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New duplication technique

With our new duplication machines, we can now copy at a speed up to 128 times with even better sound quality. For you as a customer, this means shorter delivery times and a perfect sound experience. With the new technology the music is transferred to the tape before...

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New look

Audio-Service from now on is T.A.P.E. MUZIK and presents itself in a whole new look. With the new webshop (coming soon) ordering is even easier and important information is quickly to be found. If you have any questions about the new shop or T.A.P.E. MUZIK in general...

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About T.A.P.E. MUZIK


What are protection notches? How are cassettes printed? How does the music get on the tape? How do I create print layouts?

Find out everything worth knowing about the cassette and the production at T.A.P.E. MUZIK.


We love music not only on tape but also on vinyl.


For nearly 20 years R.A.ND. MUZIK produces records in Leipzig at the top level of the technically feasible across the entire manufacturing line.

We deliver everything for a vinyl record from a single source, supervised by experienced specialists in their field:

Mastering, cutting, electroplating, pressing, quality inspection, printed matter.

R.A.N.D. MUZIK customers receive a discount on their next order at T.A.P.E. MUZIK.