Custom tape length

From 5 minutes to 90 minutes – all cassettes from our assortment– no matter whether blank or duplicated – can be equipped with a custom tape length to the minute.

About T.A.P.E. MUZIK

What are protection notches? How does the music get on the tape and the tape into the cassette? How are cassettes printed?Find out everything you need to know about cassettes and production at T.A.P.E. MUZIK.  

We love music not only on tape but also on vinyl.

R.A.N.D. MUZIK has been producing records in Leipzig for almost 20 years. And that at the top level of what is technically feasible across the entire manufactory line.They deliver everything up to the finished record from one source, supervised by experienced specialists in their field:Mastering, cutting, electroplating, pressing, quality control, printed matter.R.A.N.D. MUZIK customers receive a discount on their next order from T.A.P.E. MUZIK.